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Cervico Plus

Cervico Plus

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How 10,000 Americans have cured their debilitating neck pain. 

Has your neck pain given you chronic headaches, insomnia, fatigue, depression or anxiety?

Many American's report their neck pain severely limiting their ability to move, work and participate in activities that bring them joy and a sense of wellbeing.

20%-50% of adult Americans experience neck pain annually. If you're experiencing regular neck pain, your symptoms will continue to worsen, unless you intervene with a therapy that resolves your root problem. 

Cervico Plus is proven to:

  • Significantly reduce neck pain
  • Prevent pains from progressing as you age
  • Provide relief to each vertebrae in the cervical spine

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Big Pharma's Drugs are NOT the Cure

Since the year 2000, over 1 million Americans have been killed by opioid overdoses - In 2022 over 1500 Americans a week were killed.

If you try to go to a Doctor about your aching neck, their first protocol will be to prescribe you some of the most addictive substances known to man.

Why? Because this is what is taught in Medical Schools (which are funded by Pfizer).

... And let's not forget, having Lots of long-term customers is great for business! 

Using the Cervico Plus for just 10 minutes a day has been proven to significantly reduce neck pain. 


Lewis Todd

"I would pay triple the price. Works like a treat.

I bought the Cervico Plus for my wife after she suffered from terrible back and neck pains for years. She's not as young as she once was (don't tell my wife I noticed!), so we were under the belief that her pains were here to stay till the grave. 

after using the Cervico for three weeks, she feels so silly for not looking for a treatment for her pains sooner.

If you're in pain, do something about it! It is 2023, technology really is amazing these days"

Sarah Anderson

"I am SO happy I started using the Cervico Plus. I have been using it for two years and I can confidently say it has changed my life.

Before using it I had pain in my neck and upper back that had lasted over a year. I almost forgot what life was like without it! I used it every day for quite some time. Within two weeks, to my amazement, the pain that had ruined the last year of my life was nearly gone. I now use it every week as part of my routine to keep my neck in good health

PS It feels amazing so using it weekly is not the hardest of chores!"

Kathy Hunter

"Easy to use and feels amazing on my neck. I bought it to relieve back and neck stiffness, and oh did it work! I now use it as an evening treat whilst I relax with a glass of red in front of the telebox!"


Pfizer would like you to believe drugs are the only cure for your problems. This is not true, just like Vitamin D and a healthy diet could have stopped C*vid in its tracks, consistent healthy routines can do wonders to your physical well-being. 

If you really want to see AMAZING results. Do this 5-minute routine before you use the Cervico Plus. Your neck will feel as young and supple as it did in your 20s. 

FREE - Pressure Point Therapy Roller 

The Patriot's Mega Sale

For today only, when you order the Cervico Plus, get the Neck Massage Pressure Point Therapy roller FOR FREE! 

"Cervico Plus is the most innovative medical device of the year"

Featuring 3D intelligent fit technology, electric pulse massage, electrode patches,  circular traction and floating magnetic effects, the Cervico Plus is the most effective way to treat stiff necks and aching backs.

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Technology Developed to Work With the Body

Pain medication sure does work... If subduing your pain at any cost is your only goal.

The Cervico Plus dives straight into the root cause of your problem.

The Cervico Plus is designed to give you a therapeutic massage that targets your neck muscles with the electric pulse massage and electrode patch, while the circular traction and floating magnetic effect provide the perfect combination of massage techniques. You'll feel the tension in your neck and shoulders melt away, as the massager helps to improve blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue. 

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90-Days Money Back Guarantee

We have been seeing so much success with the Cervico Plus, we want to offer you a 90-day money back guarantee. If your neck pain hasn't significantly reduced after 90 days of use, you can have your money back. No questions asked.

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